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Words At War

The Council on Books in Wartime was a non-profit organization founded in the Spring of 1942 by booksellers, publishers, librarians, and authors, with the purpose of channeling the use of books as “weapons in the war of ideas,” the Council's motto. Its stated aims were "the promotion of books to influence the thinking of the American people regarding the war, to build and maintain the will to win, to expose the true nature of the enemy, to disseminate technical information, to provide relaxation and inspiration, and to clarify war aims and problems of peace."
The efforts of this combine resulted in the premiere on June 24, 1943 of the critically acclaimed Words At War series, the name a play on the motto of the Council on Books in Wartime. The eventual result was a series that ran for some ninety-seven-plus, 30-minute programs aired mostly sustained over NBC and covering over 120 books and publications addressing elements of war and its impact on society. The series spanned the works of an international collection of authors, ranging from Colonel Carlos P. Romulo of the Army of The Philippines to the Chinese, Harvard educated author Lin Taiyi to authors representing their perspectives on World War II from The Netherlands, Italy, The Balkans, Soviet Russian, Japan, and even Nazi Germany, providing a comprehensive, domestic and international series unmatched in Radio History. [digitaldeliftp.com]


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