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Wings Above The Diamantina (AU)

Arthur William Upfield (1 September 1890 12 February 1964) was an English/Australian writer, best known for his works of detective fiction featuring Detective Inspector Napoleon "Bony" Bonaparte of the Queensland Police Force, a half-caste Aborigine. His books were the basis for an 1970s Australian television series entitled "Boney", as well as a 1990 telemovie and a 1992 spin-off TV series. Born in England, Upfield moved to Australia in 1911 and fought with the Australian military during the First World War. Following his war service, he travelled extensively throughout Australia, obtaining a knowledge of Australian Aboriginal culture that he would later use in his written works. In addition to writing detective fiction, Upfield was a member of the Australian Geological Society and was involved in numerous scientific expeditions. In The Sands of Windee, a story about a "perfect murder", Upfield invented a method to destroy carefully all evidence of the crime. Upfield's "Windee method" was used in the Murchison Murders, and because Upfield had discussed the plot with friends, including the man accused of the murders, he was called to give evidence in court.[1] The episode is dramatised in the film 3 Acts of Murder starring Robert Menzies. [wikipedia]


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