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WJSV Complete Broadcast Day 1939-09-21

WJSV originally came on the air in 1926 as WTRC in Brooklyn, New York then was moved to Arlington, Virginia, the following year an d became WJSV in 1928. CBS bought the station from the previous owner in 1931, officially moved the station to Washington, D.C., although the transmitter site remained in Virginia. CBS made WJSV its affiliate in the nation's capital. Among the more famous events involving WJSV was the recording of its entire broadcast day on September 21, 1939. The recording includes many famous radio programs of the time (including Amos 'n Andy and Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour), local programs featuring Arthur Godfrey and John Charles Daly before their national successes, a Cleveland Indians–Washington Senators baseball game, and a speech by President Franklin Roosevelt. [wikipedia]


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