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WGN Hallicrafters Hour

A 1945 episode of the The Hallicrafters Hour, featuring the mononymous cabaret singer & early gay icon, Hildegarde. Ham radio, Hallicrafters, and Hildegarde haha. The intro says that this program is the 9th of a series called "America Unlimited."

The "Two Ton" Baker website has scan of a Chicago Tribune article about this show. It says:

"W-G-N and the Tribune are cooperating with the army, navy, and top priority war plants in presenting this series. After the broadcast the audience at Medinah temple will be entertained by Songstress Judy Starr, Dick [Two Ton] Baker, and Manny Opper, stage and radio favorites."

In the broadcast there's a short wartime radio play about the SCR-299 transmitter (that also mentions the Hallicrafters HT-4 transmitter & RE-1 "morale" portable receiver) so this show might be of interest to boatanchor collectors and other radio geeks. [archive.org]


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