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Tales Of Tomorrow

While the television version of Tales of Tomorrow was still being produced in 1953, ABC decided to try a radio version. The radio show ran from January 1 to April 9, 1953. Unlike the TV version, scripts were adapted from stories appearing in Galaxy Science Fiction; the contemporary series Dimension X has previously had a similar relationship with Astounding Science Fiction magazine. The radio series was not successful. After only a few episodes, on February 26 it moved to CBS for the remainder of its 15-episode run. The TV version was canceled shortly afterward. A few years after its cancellation, the radio series X Minus One (a 1955 revival of Dimension X) debuted, sharing a similar relationship with Galaxy Science Fiction. Four of the fifteen Tales of Tomorrow stories were later adapted for X Minus One: "The Stars Are the Styx", "The Moon Is Green", "The Girls from Earth", and "The Old Die Rich". [wikipedia]


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