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Studio X (The Player)

One cannot help but enjoy the way Paul Frees, "the man with a thousand voices" could put on an entire show by himself. What kid wouldn't want a grandpa like that to tell stories at bedtime? That's basically what he did on Studio X (which was later renamed The Player). Frees would tell a story in 15 minutes and play all the parts, with the only other participants being the writer, producer, sound effects man, and announcer (Sheppard Mankin or Gary Goodwin). The stories were a little more adult, however, often involving murder or a near death experience. They could also be humorous. There was sometimes a recurring comic character, the meekish professor Cosmo Jones, who "assisted" a gruff Irish police captain named Murphy. Much to the Captain's chagrin, Cosmo proved that "there is no need for violence for apprehending criminals" time and time again. This series won't win any awards from true horror fans, but it's fun just the same. It showcases the versatile Frees at his best, playing villains, clowns, and regular Joes-- altogether in a one man crowd. [radiohorrorhosts.com]


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