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Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Dick Powell starred in the Richard Diamond, Private Detective radio series as a light-hearted detective who often ended the episodes singing to his girlfriend, Helen Asher (Virginia Gregg). Other regular cast members included Rick's friend and former partner on the police force, Lt. Walter Levinson, played variously by Ed Begley, Arthur Q. Bryan, Ted DeCorsia and Alan Reed, and Wilms Herbert as Walt's bumbling sergeant, Otis. (Herbert also "doubled" on the show as Helen's butler Francis.) It began airing on NBC Radio on April 24, 1949, picked up Rexall as a sponsor on April 5, 1950, and continued until December 6, 1950. Many of the shows were either written or directed by Edwards. Its theme, "Leave It to Love", was whistled by Powell at the beginning of each episode. With Camel cigarettes as a sponsor, it moved to ABC from January 5, 1951, to June 29, 1951, with Rexall returning for a run from October 5, 1951, until June 27, 1952. Substituting for Amos 'n' Andy, it aired Sunday evenings on CBS from May 31, 1953 until September 20, 1953. [wikipedia]


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