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Results Incorporated

Results Inc aired in 1944 and was a zany detective show where the detective palces an ad in the paper stating; "We will locate your long-lost uncle, work your crossword puzzle, hold your baby, etc". Follow the nutty antics of this detective and his secretary in this laff-a-minute fun fest. The show featured the escapades of JOHNNY STRANGE and TERRY TRAVERS, two private eyes who offer "to do anything, solve any problem or remedy any difficulty." They were played by Lloyd Nolan and Claire Trevor. Evidently they couldn't remedy the difficulty of maintaining an audience for the show. It only lasted a year, despite the fact it starred Nolan, fresh off a string of successful films where he played MIKE SHAYNE. Two movie veterans, Lloyd Nolan and Claire Trevor, starred in this short-lived (VERY short-lived) wise-cracking private eye show. Nolan played detective Johnny Strange, and Trevor was his sexy secretary Terry Travers. The program ran for just 3 months; twelve episodes in late 1944. This is the first show of the series, wherein Mr. Strange meets Miss Travers, and together they encounter The Haunted House. [oldtimeradiodownloads.com]


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