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The Adventures Of Raffles

Arthur J. Raffles, is a British fictional character a cricketer and gentleman thief created by E. W. Hornung, who, between 1898 and 1909, wrote a series of 26 short stories, two plays, and a novel about him and his fictional chronicler, Harry "Bunny" Manders. Raffles is, in many ways, a deliberate inversion of Holmes he is a "gentleman thief", living at the Albany, a prestigious address in London, playing cricket for the Gentlemen of England and supporting himself by carrying out ingenious burglaries. He is called the "Amateur Cracksman", and often, at first, differentiates between himself and the "professors" professional criminals from the lower classes. Raffles (19851992), three series on BBC Radio 4 starring Jeremy Clyde as Raffles and Michael Cochrane as Bunny Manders. Clyde and Cochrane reprised their roles in a 1993 BBC World Service adaptation of Graham Greene's play The Return of Raffles. Raffles, the Gentleman Thief, continuing radio series by Imagination Theater, scripted by M. J. Elliott, Jim French and John Hall. [wikipedia]


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