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Radio Active

The show was based on a fictional radio station (described as "Britain's first national local radio station") and the programs that it might transmit. Initially the radio station concept was used simply as a loose framing device for otherwise unlinked sketches and songs, but as the show developed, the episodes became more thematically focused, each one lampooning a different broadcasting genre and sometimes even a specific program such as Down Your Way (parodied as "Round Your Parts"), In at the Deep End ("Out of Your Depth"), Ultra Quiz ("Gigantaquiz"), The Radio Program ("The Radio Radio Program") and Crimewatch ("Stop That Crime UK"). The programs often pitch the "modern-media" regular characters against older stereotypes of foreigners and "establishment types" such as generals and politicians, though the program rarely strays into the "alternative comedy" vogue of contemporary political comment. However some episodes in the final series made reference to real-life events: "Probe Round the Back" was a parody of investigative journalism which revolved around the Cambridge Five and contained allusions to Spycatcher and the Zircon affair, and "The Flu Special" satirized the then-current HIV/AIDS public awareness campaigns. [wikipedia]


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