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Passage Of The Tangmar (AU)

The cargo ship Tangmar departs Sydney, destination Jamaica, with a small party of passengers, strangers who are to share the fortune of an inheritance. Not all of them will survive the journey. Passage of the Tangmar is a riveting, adult mystery serial produced in Australia in 1960. Australian radio is on par with the British BBC productions – outstanding stories, impeccable acting and exceptional sound effects; Passage of the Tangmar is a superb example of that work. The 52-episode program about the Tangmar and its cargo of death is unusual, first that it’s in a 15-minute serial format that is typically reserved for children’s shows and old time radio soap operas. Second, unlike many children’s serials or a soap opera, Passage of the Tangmar has a conclusion with a solution, a story that caters to mystery connoisseurs. [youtube.com]


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