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Mayor Of The Town

Mayor of the Town was a radio comedy-drama in the United States. From September 6, 1942, to July 3, 1949, it was broadcast at various times on ABC, CBS, Mutual and NBC. Lionel Barrymore starred as the unnamed mayor of a community typical of those in other radio programs of the era, such as Summerfield in The Great Gildersleeve and River's End in Dr. Christian. Stories dealt with typical small-town situations that involved the mayor. The mayor's housekeeper, Marilly (Agnes Moorehead), and his ward, Butch (Conrad Binyon) usually played key roles in episodes. One old-time radio reference noted the similarity of The Mayor of the Town's plots to those of The Great Gildersleeve, citing "the grumbling but kindly mayor interacting with a number of interesting town characters." A review of the program in the trade publication Billboard had little positive to say. The writer opined that except for selling the sponsor's product, Mayor of the Town "is otherwise devoid of merit."[3] By way of explanation, he added, "From its very inception, almost every phase of 'Mayor of the Town' is the most palpable of contrivance; stock characters, stock plot and the lowest grade of corn." In contrast, radio historian John Dunning commented that Mayor of the Town "gave a realistic portrait of rural living." "Often the stories were coming-of-age pieces," he wrote, "focusing on the mayor's special relationship with Butch." [wikipedia]


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