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Martin Kane, Private Investigator

Martin Kane, Private Eye began as a 19491952 radio series starring William Gargan in the title role as New York City private detective Martin Kane. It aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System, broadcast Sundays at 4:30 p.m. from August 7, 1949, to June 24, 1951. When the crime drama moved to NBC Radio on July 1, 1951, Lloyd Nolan took over the title role until mid-1952. Lee Tracy portrayed Kane for the remainder of the radio series, ending December 21, 1952. Other members of the cast were Walter Kinsella as Tucker "Hap" McMann, Nicholas Saunders as Sergeant Ross and Frank M. Thomas as Captain Burke. Fred Uttal was the announcer. Fred Uttal was the announcer. Edward L. Kahan was the producer; Ted Hediger was the director and writer. The radio episodes aired between 1949 and 1952 were not merely audio rebroadcasts of the television show, but original episodes produced for the radio medium. Only twenty-nine radio broadcasts are known to exist. The program was sponsored by Old Briar pipe tobacco and Encore and Sano cigarettes, all of which were products of U.S. Tobacco Company. [wikipedia]


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