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Log Cabin Jamboree Starring Jack Hanley

Song and dance man Jack Haley hosts Log Cabin Jamboree, a fun variety and music show. Similar to other variety shows of the 1930s, the show featured short jokes and skits with musical interludes of assorted styles. Warren Hull announced the show and Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra performed. Wendy Barrie and Virginia Verrill also perform. The show was sponsored by Log Cabin Syrup. Log Cabin Syrup was created in 1887 by grocer P.J. Towle from St. Paul, Minnesota. He named the syrup Towle Log Cabin Syrup after his childhood hero Abraham Lincoln who grew up in a log cabin. In 1927, General Foods bought the Towle Maple Syrup Company and in 1937 Log Cabin Jamboree was created. [otrcat.com]


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