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A Life in Your Hands

A Life In Your Hands, written by the great Earle Stanley Gardiner, provides the listener with both sides of a murder case. The view is unbiased, and facilitated by the fictitious truth seeker Jonathan Kegg. Questions and answers from both sides, interviews with witnesses, police, etc., giving you, the listener, a chance to make your own conclusions. Earle Stanley Gardiner was not only an attorney, but one of America's most prolific writers. Many of his books became old time radio shows as well as TV shows. Being an attorney himself he could really describe the drama of the courtroom and our legal system. Any detective/mystery fan is going to like this one. A Life In Your Hands ran from 1949-1952. The main character in this old time radio courtroom drama, Jonathon Kegg, represents neither side. His unbiased narration is only there to help you, the listener make the right decision based only on the facts of the case. Sponsored by Raleigh Cigarettes. [oldtimeradiodownloads.com]


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