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Inspector Thorne

Inspector Thorne is a crime drama old time radio show in the vain of great detectives likeSam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Pat Novak, Jeff Regan, Harry Lime, Box 13, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Richard Diamond, Bold Venture, Big Town, Michael Shayne, Nightbeat, That Hammer Guy, Rogue's Gallery, and The Falcon. Inspector Thorne is a young investigator in homicide bureau featuring crimes with murder Murder MURDER! The show opens with the details of the case in dramatic format and next Inspector Thorne comes in and badgers the witnesses. Inspector Thorne is "smart enough to claim he is dumb and modest enough to believe it." Karl Webber (later Staats Cotsworth) stars as Inspector Thorne and Danny Ocko played Police Sgt. Muggio. [otrcat.com]


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