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Inheritance premieres over NBC Inheritance premiered on April 4th 1954. Airing for a total of fifty-seven installments, the production itself was extremely well-mounted--as might be expected of a year-long sustained network production. The huge, mostly West Coast casts comprised most of Radio's finest voice talent of the era. The music direction, while not particularly 'A'-List, was well-suited to the production. The productions were reasonably historically accurate--yet predictably jingoistic for the era. As with the Ladies Auxiliary to The Veterans of Foreign Wars-sponsored American Trail series of the previous year, functionaries of the respective supporting organizations would give a brief, topical message throughout the series. The opportunity to recite one's patriotic beliefs seems to have been a focal point of most of the 'post-script messages' of the series. As a 'message series' Inheritance may have slightly missed its mark--through no real fault of its own, but as a reasonably accurate anthology of patriotic historical vignettes the series holds up quite well. As one of the last 'vanity' productions of the era, the exceptional array of Golden Age Radio West Coast talent makes for a fascinating snapshot of the waning years of California's contribution to Radio's wealth of great actors. [oldtimeradiodownloads.com]


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