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Indiana Jones And The Well Of Life

Indiana Jones and the Well of Life is a fan made nine-part, full-length audio drama by Pendant Productions written by Jeffrey Bridges and directed by Tom Stitzer. It is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. The story is set in 1941 and follows Indiana Jones on his quest to find the Well of Life (more commonly known as the Fountain of Youth), a fountain that restores youth to those who drink from its waters. Indy is not without competition. Nazi agents also want the Well of Life for the Third Reich. The adventure begins in Paris, then follows Indy to Istanbul, Germany, Mexico and Cuba. Joining the adventure are a few fan favorite characters. Marion Ravenwood returns as Indys love interest, with his father Henry, Marcus and Sallah aiding in the quest to stop the Nazis. [indianajones.wikia.com]


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