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G. I. Journal

Like many shows of the era the Big Band Sound was important to G.I. Journal. Many Service Orchestras appeared, including the Army Air Force Training Command Orchestra with Capt Glenn Miller. Kay Kyser and His Orchestra (of Kay Kyser's Kollege Of Musical Knowledge) were frequently featured. Other Musical guests included Mel Torme and the MelTones, John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, and Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Many episodes featured an original song written by a G.I. Overseas which would be sent to Hollywood and performed by a pretty girl in the studio- what a treat for the G.I. Song writer! The regular cast evidently includes Mel Blanc (as Radcliffe, assistant to the guest editor of the episode, and also as Pvt. Sad Sack; in addition he uses the character voices of Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Zukie [Zookie?], the latter being from The Mel Blanc Show, in Mel Blancís Fix-it Shop), and Connie Haines [Haynes?], and possibly Verna Felton. [archive.org]


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