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Douglas Of The World

Brad Douglas, Foreign Correspondent, played by Jack Moyles, is a roving reporter for the New York World Newspaper. He is an attractive bachelor who always attracts the attention of at least one beautiful girl while on assignment. (His editor's secretary carries a major flame for the reporter.) Because he is assigned to cover overseas stories he often winds up involved with political events of international import that have a bearing on Cold War America. In one episode he covers Stalin's funeral in Moscow and gets involved with the Soviet Secret Agents tailing the Americans. He also covers the possibility of the formation of a United States of Europe. The series climaxes in its final episode; Douglas follows the story of a one-legged Korean War Vet who threatens to commit suicide by jumping off the UN Building in New York. The episode becomes song of praise for the United Nations. The show a presentation of AFRS, intended for a Military Audience. [otrcat.com]


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