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Dick Cole And His Thrilling Adventures At Farr Military Academy

The Adventures of Dick Cole was a 1940s comic book series, created by Bob Davis. It was published by Novelty Press, and later, Star Publications. Dick Cole is a heroic cadet at the fictional Farr Military Academy. The character was introduced in the "Origin of Dick Cole," in the first issue of Novelty Press' Blue Bolt Comics (cover-dated June 1940). Despite a short run, 1948-1950, the comics series was popular enough to be adapted into a 30-minute 1942 juvenile adventure radio program that followed the adventures of Cole (Leon Janney) at the Farr Military Academy. When Cole wasn't winning football games, he tracked evildoers with an assist from his Academy pals Simba and Ted. The announcer was Paul Luther. Lew White provided the background music. The program was transcribed and syndicated[3] by the World Broadcasting System. Radio Daily's 1946 publication, Shows of Tomorrow, listed the transcribed series Adventures of Dick Cole at Farr Military Academy as being available for the 1946-1947 radio season. The series, produced by Charles Michelson Inc., consisted of 52 half-hour episodes. [wikipedia]


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