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The Adventures Of Danny Marsdon

Danny Marsdon is a (fictional) crime reporter on a newspaper who gets a series of reportorial assignments on larger issues of the day. Calling these "Adventures" is somewhat of a stretch, but Danny's got a nose for a story, and these are big stories. He gets some doozies like "What is a Canadian," "The Triangle of Plenty," "National Unity," "Education," "Citizenship," "World Trade," and "The Farmer. And when he's warmed up to the social beat, he tackles "Free Enterprise," and "Communism ," and even, yes, "Taxes." What Danny does with taxes in 13 minutes is really something. Danny has a researcher named Nellie McCoy, and when Nellie asks what a researcher is, Danny says, "Research, honey, is just another word for asking questions." Seems Danny crime beat bravura is not completely co-opted by social concern. [otrcat.com]


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