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Dangerous Assignment

Dangerous Assignment was an NBC radio drama starring Brian Donlevy broadcast in the US 19491953, a syndicated television series distributed in the US 195152 (also starring Brian Donlevy), and an Australian radio series broadcast in 1954-56 as remakes of the original American radio scripts. Dangerous Assignment started out as a replacement radio series broadcast in the US on the NBC radio network in the summer of 1949; it became a syndicated series in early 1950. Reportedly, star Brian Donlevy himself was the one who brought the show to NBC. In the American radio shows, Donlevy was both the protagonist within the action and the narrator, giving the show "a suspenseful immediacy." The only other regular actor on the radio shows was Herb Butterfield, who played "The Commissioner." Many stage and screen actors appeared as guest-stars including, among many others, William Conrad, Raymond Burr, Paul Frees, Jim Davis, Dan O'Herlihy, Richard Boone, and Eddie Cantor. The Australian series was begun as a result of the popularity of the American series -- scripts from shows already broadcast in the US were re-done with Australian actors in 1954. The Australian producers re-created and broadcast thirty-nine episodes from 1954 on. [wikipedia]


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