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Crime Correspondent

Crime Correspondent was another of the short-lived leading vehicles that CBS attempted to air for Paul Frees, their talented 'Man of A Thousand Voices.' Somewhat reminiscent of the earliest Dragnet episodes from Jack Webb, the series attempted to combine the realism of actual crime stories, a bit of actual crime detection, and the immediacy and urgency of a Radio crime correspondent racing against the clock to meet the deadline for his nightly Radio broadcasts. Paul Frees' character, radio correspondent Larry Mitchell, signs off his nightly broadcasts with the parting postscript, ''Remember . . . Truth, like the sun, submits to being obscured. But like the sun, only for a time . . . '' The series was written by Adrian Gendot and William Fifield. Gendot was a prolific crime and adventure writer, who went on to a successful career as a Television writer, for series such as Dangerous Assignment, The Whistler, Perry Mason, and Sky King, three of which Gendot penned for Radio as well. Though we've never been able to find any substantive biographical information regarding the mysterious Adrian Gendot, we suspect he or she was simply a blacklisted writer penning under a pseudonym (e.g., Adrian Gendot, as in "John Doe"), but we're still trying to nail it down. An even better feature of the series was the excellent scoring of Martin Skyles--perhaps the short-lived production's best feature, although the plot for the one, circulating exemplar isn't half-bad in itself. The acting in the one circulating exemplar is somewhat below what we've come to expect from Paul Frees over the years, but with only one circulating example, its difficult to make such a harsh assessment. It clearly doesn't rise to the superiority of his Suspense, Escape!, The Player, or The Black Book performances. [digitaldeliftp.com]


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