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Cecil And Sally

The 15 minute "Cecil & Sally Show" was the brainchild of American playwright / screenwriter, Johnny Patrick and his co-worker/partner, Helen Troy. In the late 1920s, companies sprang up across America for the purpose of recording music or programs which could be sold, or syndicated, to a number of local or distant city radio stations. One such station, a San Francisco firm by the name of MacGregor & Sollie Inc., produced the "Cecil & Sally" radio program. Mailed to many radio stations across America on large electrical transcription discs (ETs), these radio companies could then plug the "Cecil & Sally" show into whatever time was convenient for their schedule. An example of one such station was WKAV radio in Laconia, New Hampshire, which in 1931, was under contract to pay MacGregor & Sollie $17.50 for each episode, over a 26 week run. In 1928 at KYA, the serial program debuted on the West Coast connection of the short-lived ABC network, and moved to KPO and NBC after the former network went bankrupt in 1929. The program ran on NBC until 1933, and was among the earliest radio shows to be nationally syndicated via these "ETs." Johnny Patrick as Cecil, & Helen Troy as Sally, rolled this screwball comedy serial into one of the first nationally syndicated, transcribed (pre-recorded) programs. Patrick wrote over 1,000 scripts for Cecil & Sally; Troy sang with him, playing either the piano or the organ. Her character, "Sally," endeared herself to West Coast listeners with her girlish lisp, referring to her partner not as Cecil but as "Thee-thill." [archive.org]


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