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Calling All Cars

Calling All Cars is an old-time radio police drama in the United States. It was broadcast on the CBS West Coast network and on the Mutual-Don Lee Network November 29, 1933 - September 8, 1939 and carried by transcription on stations in other areas. The program was notable for being one of the first police dramas on radio. Calling All Cars dramatized cases that had been handled by the Los Angeles Police Department. A typical episode began by relating the facts of a particular crime, then introducing individuals who were associated with the case. A dramatization followed, climaxing in the arrest of the criminal. The outcome of a trial wrapped up the story. In On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, radio historian John Dunning described the program as "a crude forerunner of a type that reached its zenith years later on Dragnet: the tedious routine of tracking killers and robbers, often with a postshow recap telling how justice was meted out." [wikipedia]


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