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Cali-Bama Coeds Show

The Cali-Bama Co-Eds was a syndicated radio program that was first broadcast in the Spring of 1931. It was about five sisters all beginning college at the same time and their experiences with a new campus lifestyle and of course, the boys that go with it. The sisterís names were Ruth, Lou, Nell, Betty Jane and Dora. Each 15 minute episode contained a rather weak storyline combined with anemic acting and was peppered with 3 or 4 musical numbers. Having the benefit of knowing the true identities of these singing actresses makes it immediately apparent that this radio program was really only a vehicle intended to showcase their true talent which was singing songs in a harmonious style that had become uniquely identified with their group. They were The Five Locust Sisters and were well known during their time. The group consisted of four vocalists that could harmonize like birds and a fifth member accompanying them on piano. The Locust Sisters began making a name for themselves in vaudeville as early as 1923. Beginning as a trio they were five by January, 1924 when they made their first radio appearance on WHN in New York. [wikipedia]


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