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Avalon Time on NBC (starring Red Skelton)

Avalon Time was an American old-time radio comedy/variety program that ran from 1938-1940 on NBC's Red Network. The program was named after its sponsor, Avalon cigarettes. Over the course of its run, Avalon Time was also sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco and the Bulova Watch Company. The program is often regarded as comedian Red Skelton's first big break in show business and on radio. Tobacco company Brown & Williamson, former makers of Kool cigarettes, began producing Avalon in 1932. Avalon was Brown & Williamson's 'economy' brand, while never actually mentioning that term. Instead, they were promoted as either the cigarettes that "cost you less" or the cigarettes that "give you change back". Avalon Time was the first Avalon-sponsored radio program with Show Boat premiering in 1939. [wikipedia]


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