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All Star Western Theater

Riding out of the sunny back lots of Hollywood, All Star Western Theatre delivered Republic Western-style entertainment with chuck wagon sized doses of fine music, broad humor and guest appearances by the best of the West. The music was provided by the Johnny Mack Brown and many others made appearances on this western varierty radio show.Riders of the Purple Sage, fronted by Foy Willing, with the help of Kenny Driver, Al Sloey and Johnny Paul. The group appeared on various shows on radio, including the Andrews Sisters' Eight-to-the-Bar Ranch in '44-'45, and the Roy Rogers Show during the 1946 - 48 period. Western swing was big in those days, and this show has some really fine renditions in that great American music style. Guest stars such as Johnny Mack Brown came on, and did action sketches and real knee-slapping humor skits. When these cowboys rustle up humor, they play it about as broad as the western skies themselves. Laughs this simple are not heard much anymore, unless you have an eight-year old with an old joke book. But that doesn't mean All Star Western Theater isn't enjoyable. It really is, in the same way that the old western movies are enjoyable. Honest, sincere and un-assuming come to mind. Done live, All Star Western Theater gives the studio audience a good show, and the result is still a happy ride down memory lane. The same tried and true format is used to equal effect by Roy Rogers, although it is tough to top Roy for the ease and sincerity in his delivery of a song. As noted, Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage were featured on Roy's show, and they sure made beautiful music together. [otrcat.com]


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