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Afloat With Henry Morgan


Afloat with Henry Morgan was radio broadcast that aired, as many would say, in 1933. Each episode was 12 minutes long, and was dedicated for the young listeners in particular. The producer and star of the show was George Edwards, the same person who produced the popular series Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, to name a few. In the series, Edwards used his amazing talent to play different roles. Dubbed as the "Man with a Thousand Voices," his voice enabled him to play varying characters of a man, a woman, old people, and foreigners. It is said that he was able to produce at least six different voices for a single scene. His talent thereby allowed him to reduce production expenses. Syndicated program. Written by Warren Barry. Synopis is; Captain Morgan has robbed a treasure ship owned by the Governor of Cuba, stealing an Aztec necklace greatly coveted by the Governor's daughter Dolores. Who is the stranger that saved Captain Morgan's life? [wikipedia]


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