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All files are in MP3 format.

This site is designed to make it easy to play your favorite old radio programs. Choose a genre or use the alphabet to navigate to your favorite old radio program. All episodes are in MP3 file format. "Play all episodes" links to an M3U playlist file. If you get lost just click the picture of the radio to return to the home page. Clicking the "More Information" button provides a description of the program or its main characters.

For a more "radio like" experience try our Streaming links. They act just like radio stations broadcasting your favorite programs twenty-four hours a day.





The site may contain duplicate programs. These are often by design as the program was re-broadcast several times or there were duplicate recordings, from different sources, of the same program.


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All content is believed to be either public domain or an orphaned work. If you are a copyright holder and believe that this site infringes on your copyright, please immediately notify the web master  for review. For more information regarding copyrights of old radio programs see the following: 








This website's Station ID was created by James Pennington and includes the sound effect file "Radio Noises" by Rutger Muller. Many thanks to the Internet Archive, Old Time Radio Researchers Group, Wikipedia and many other old radio resources on the internet for much of the source material on this site.





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ABC: American Broadcasting Company
AU: Australia
AFRS: Armed Forces Radio Service (United States)
BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBS: Columbia Broadcasting System (United States)
NBC: National Broadcasting Company (United States)
SA: South Africa


Thousands of free old radio shows in mp3 format. It is just that simple.